Southern Patrol – 2014


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SHARKHUNTERS International
Southern Patrol 2014
Bavaria and Austria

We begin as always in beautiful Bavaria but this time we meet with a Spook

Naturally we cannot divulge the identity of this S.E.I.G. Agent, but here are just a few of the charts, photos, maps etc. that this Agent gave us along with the story that went with them.

What is this place?
Why are the notes obliterated in the right margin?
What does this have to do with World War Two?

All these questions are answered plus a lot more information is going to our Members quickly. Should be in their hands by the end of September 2014.

Remember – all this and much more goes to Members, but only to Members. If you are not a Member, you are missing a lot.


Heading South………..
Down to beautiful southern Austria! You cannot take a bad photograph here; you cannot get a bad meal here and you cannot get a bad beer here. This area is pretty close to Heaven on earth.

The two photos above are the breakfast room in our host hotel in a little town in southern Austria, in Kärnten to be precise.

The hotel is great as is the food and the service, and they feature a sauna, steam bath and other fitness benefits and look at the pretty table setting with local news and weather that each guest will find at their place. Nice touch, eh?

INVITATION ONLY! One cannot merely walk into the Kammeradschaft facility; you must be invited. We are proud to say that our Sharkhunters groups are always welcome here and we have a super time with the veterans and younger people from Germany who are deeply interested in their heritage and their honest history.

The photo on the right is at the entrance and it tells what is usually on the minds of most sailors, no matter what navy, no matter what port.

The other photos here depict displays and activities in the MK facility. We thank the Präsident of the MK, KARL-HEINZ FISTER (7729-2013), the staff and members for making us feel like family.

x14SG24 x14SG23
The small black & white photo in the case is that of Sharkhunters Member RUDOLF WIESER (3106-2993). RUDI was with us on a previous ‘Patrol‘ in Chicago. Sharkhunters donated that photo.
x14SG22 x14SG21
The Type VII-C model at the far left in this case is that of U-995,
the boat of our dear friend HANS-GEORG HESS (125-1985).
Below – an ‘Honors Certificate‘ given to Sharkhunters
President HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983)
x14SG25 x14SG29
x14SG38 x14SG34
KARL-HEINZ FISTER (7729-2013), Präsident of the UK looks on as Hermann Kandusi, Präsident of the Ulrichsberg Gemeinschaft, tells how the Memorial will be handled on the morrow.
x14SG37 x14SG36
This little guy happened to look at the camera as the flash went off. He really wanted the camera after that.
x14SG46 x14SG48
Lunch with the friends and veterans in the MK facility. A handful of us remained after the majority of the guests departed and we enjoyed a round of schnapps and more fellowship.

Evening Fellowship with the Veterans
After the afternoon at the Marinekameradschaft, we have time to relax, do some sightseeing or have a beer before the evening festivities begin. This is the Saturday dinner with friends and veterans.

x14SG50 On the left in this photo is our friend PETER STOCKNER (6894-2004). He is working very hard with the history of various German divisions of the war and it is thanks to PETER that we are so warmly welcomed here. He opened all the doors for us years ago.

The gentleman standing next to him has more names and titles than the average telephone book. He is Engineer Professor, Dr. Philosophy, Mag. Lic., Generalleutnant, Swedish Attachè, Naval Officer………Erich Sporis von Ryznow. He is also a friend and one of the needles on his lapel was a gift from Sharkhunters.

x14SG51 x14SG52
A great many veterans………. …..and young people as well
Oh, the things poor COOPER must suffer and endure for the good of Sharkhunters. Herta is such a sweet lady, always with a hug and a smile for him. Marci is a law student at the University of Graz and she said that COOPER must not get into trouble for at least eight years because it will be that long before she is an attorney. Actually, we hope he stays out of trouble longer than that.

Sonya (below) is one of the people interested in their history. If one is to look closely over her left shoulder, photo right, we see TONY BOWLEY (7726-2013), always here from England.

x14SG61 x14SG63

The loony radical left wing slugs from ANTIFA are usually in this little village with their signs and chants but somehow the security was so tight that we never saw one single nutcase. However, if any had shown up and caused any disturbance at all – well, that dog was hungry!

The Ulrichsberg Memorial
Friends and veterans from all over come here to remember all who fell in battle, no matter what country and no matter what uniform. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only such international Memorial in the world.

x14SG65 x14SG66
While we wait for the bus, we gather by Herta’s car for hot coffee and cake. She always slips a small bottle of schnapps to COOPER
x14SG69 x14SG67
While the two off on the left look like Gestapo, they are Russians Always the Austrian police to keep the idiots away.
x14SG82 x14SG84
On top of Ulrichsberg looking down at the clouds and the valley thousands of feet below.
The ancient church is waiting for the ceremony to begin
x14SG92 x14SG81
x14SG76 Some years ago the scumbags from Antifa came up here and smashed these memorial plaques, tore down the cross and vandalized the church quite a bit. They claim to be peaceful but they smash plaques of remembrance to fallen soldiers and desecrate a church. They are cowards! We see the repaired plaques in the next few photos.
x14SG77 x14SG79
It is an incredibly moving experience when they play ‘Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden‘ (“I had a comrade” – their version of Taps) and all the old veterans stand to attention, tears streaming down their faces as they remember their comrades who did not make it through the war.

There were veterans and friends here from ten different countries and all had a lump in their throat in this solemn and moving ceremony.

Still on Ulrich’s Mountain, we have time for fun and fellowship
x14SG72 Coasties” from different hemispheres.

left – HARRY COOPER (1-LIFE-1983) U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary;

right – ERNST PRUEGL (7684-2013) Australian Coast Guard Aux.

x14SG90 x14SG99
Police presence to keep the peace – but who needs police when RICHARD (7807-2014) is on the scene?
Friends and Members high above the valley:

NILS (7808-2014);
COOPER (1-LIFE-1983);
Connie – NILS‘ wife;
RICHARD (7807-2014);
wife of the guy taking the photo


LUNCH – We have said again and again that it is not possible to get a bad meal in Bavaria or Austria, and here is even more proof. Quite a few of the group from Ulrich’s Mountain made the drive to this lovely restaurant atop the next mountain for lunch.

x14SG116 x14SG105
Passing the wine press at the door, RALPH FRÖHNER (7392- 2008) heads in for the feast
x14SG114 x14SG103
We see the valley far, far below while Evald and RICH delFAVRO (1495-LIFE-1990) talk about the day.
x14SG113 This was called “Wild Pan” and the left side of the skillet is loaded with wild boar and wild venison, most of the right side is butter spätzle (noodles) with a bit of red cabbage to give it spice. DAMN! It was outstanding!!!

We did of course, leave room for ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

x14SG111 x14SG109
The man with the white beard is the son of the former
Präsident of the veterans of the Charlemagne Division
So many choices…….so little time…….
x14SG110 x14SG115
You cannot get a bad meal in Austria!
Heading back to München to catch the plane home we stop at a restplatze on the Autobahn – with food!
x14SG119 x14SG118
x14SG117 x14SG120

Fantastic food, breathtaking scenery and fellowship with veterans from around the world – it just doesn’t get any better than this! Did you miss this ‘Southern Patrol‘? No worries……….start saving your vacation days – we will return in September 2015. Watch for the HOT MAIL announcement coming your way soon. Join us and remember – the people are friendly, we are treated like family, you cannot get a bad meal, you cannot get a bad beer and you cannot take a bad photograph. So why wait? Do not wait – join us in 2015.