EBERHARD  GODT  (344-1987)

Kriegsmarine, U-Bootwaffe

Godt2x Born 15 August 1900 in the beautiful village of Lübeck, GODT joined the Kaiserlichemarine, the Navy of the Kaiser, and on 1 July 1918 was a Seekadet.  Promoted to Fähnrich zur See (Midshipman) on 1 April 1922 then to the rank of Oberfähnrich zur See (Senior Midshipman) on 1 October 1923.  His promotions came in good order, being promoted to Leutnant zur See on 1 April 1942; to Oberleutnant zur See on 1 January 1926; to Kapitänleutnant on 1 July 1933; to Korvettenkapitän on 1 April 1937; to Fregettenkapitän on 1 July 1940; to Kapitän zur See on 1 September 1942 and ultimately to Konteradmiral on 1 March 1943.
doenitz3a While GODT joined the Kaiserlichemarine in the closing moments of World War One, he dropped out of the Navy at the surrender and was out for more than a year.

He came back into the Reichmarine in March 1920 and after graduating the Academy he served on torpedoboats, most notably G-10 and T-155.  He was then posted to the cruiser EMDEN and was under the command of (then) Fregettenkapitän Karl Dönitz.  Serving with Dönitz caused him to request a transfer into the U-Bootwaffe.  GODT is on the right in this wartime magazine cover.

   EDITOR NOTE – This is the same reason that ERICH TOPP 118-1985 went to the U-Boats.

U-25bx His first submarine command was U-25 from 6 April 1936 through 3 January 1937.  This was one of the two Type I-A boats that were notorious for the bad handling characteristics.
U-23axx He next commanded the Type II-B coastal U-Boat U-23.  These little 250 ton boats were called ‘Einbaum‘ (dugout canoes) by their crews.

This particular boat had a stellar career in the U-Bootwaffe. Her first wartime Skipper was OTTO KRETSCHMER 122-1985, who scored many successes with this boat.  That boat is seen to the left on a barge going down the Donau River for Costanza, Rumania on the Black Sea coast to operate against Soviet forces under other Skippers including RUDOLF ARENDT 7563-2011.